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In addition to reducing their fuel consumption, we also work with some companies to reduce the amount of waste they produce and to minimise their impact on the environment.

The international standard for environmental management, ISO 14001, enables companies to evidence how clean they are and that they are continually taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

We work with companies to assist in devising an environmental management system that leads them to accreditation to ISO 14001. Throughout this challenging process, we have to examine their front to back door process. For example:

  • Where raw materials are sourced;
  • Whether they could be bought more locally;
  • What process is used to manufacture those materials and how much waste is accrued;
  • How goods are then delivered to a customer and with what packaging;
  • If there is a robust waste disposal process from the premises;
  • And for when something goes wrong, say, a spillage, what contingency plans are in place to minimise harm

But doing this work need not be painful. The progressive and dynamic companies we work with want answers to these questions and use us as their external eyes to challenge what they do as a matter of routine.

Our clients know only too well that having ISO 14001 is something on which the opportunity to tender and win more business can often rely.

So, do you know how much waste you produce in your processes and whether anyone has really challenged what you do? Do you know what you spend each year to have waste removed from your premises and where it goes? Legally, it remains your waste until processed properly, not the waste carriers.

On a recent project we reduced the amount of waste that a client paid to remove from their premises by 50%. In addition, we redefined internal processes and reduced their use of gas by 30% and electricity by 21%.

So are you serious about making savings? We are - it's what we do!

For more information on any of this please ring Richard Johnson on 07814 889308 or email enquiries@email-epc.co.uk

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