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The cost of energy is not going to reduce. But what you can do is to reduce the amount you consume. For some of our clients, their biggest overhead is the cost of energy and is the one that they struggle most to understand, let alone to control.

Are you able to identify the true amount of energy you consume and on what? And then to control it?

We can help you to do so. Using the principles of ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management, we have helped companies of all sizes to introduce control mechanisms and drive down consumption. For most, gaining formal accreditation to that standard is unnecessary; simply adopting the processes of monitoring, management and control is sufficient to make a step-change reduction in energy use and to save money.

What we can undertake is an assessment of the following:

  • the building fabric;
  • heating and ventilation systems;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • production and use of hot water; and the big one,
  • observable behaviours - how the building is being used and the attitude of those within to making the savings that you require (when you are not there as well as when you are).

We can also offer advice on systems and processes with a qualified Lean Assessor on our team who can make Six Sigma work for you. Further, one of our team has spent a lifetime on the shop-floor, standing between transformers and machinery ensuring that no more energy than necessary is consumed by the most complex processes.

So, are you serious about fuel and cost reduction which might amount to thousands of pounds in savings? We are!

For more information on any of this please ring Richard Johnson on 07814 889308 or email

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