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Energy Performance Consultants is a wholly independent assessment body based in the Midlands that specialises in taking a commercial approach to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions. We coach companies to attain international standards of energy and environmental management.

Across the whole of the UK, we provide:

  • Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC);
  • Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (CEPC);
  • Air Conditioning Energy Assessments and Inspections (TM44) (ACEA) (ACEI);
  • Home Buyer Surveys;
  • Structural Assessments; and,
  • Asbestos surveys.

As experts in building assessment, we have provided over 6000 energy performance certificates to premises of all size, use and complexity having assessed their energy efficiency and made recommendations for improvement.

Energy Performance Certificates are required for any building offered for sale, let or lease. They expire after ten years. Mandatory air conditioning assessments (TM44) carried out under our brand expire after five years.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a requirement on organisations to evaluate their consumption of energy and identify opportunities to make reductions. The new, mandatory, ESOS regulations came into force in July 2014 and place a tight timescale to ensure compliance. Our in-house accredited Lead Assessor can assist companies to identify whether ESOS applies to them and then to submit their return for the December, 2015.

Where clients prefer, we will coach them to attain accreditation for ISO 50001, the international energy management standard that enables the development of management systems and metrics, which is key to making a step-change reduction in energy consumption.

We also coach a number of organisations to develop environmental management systems. This leads to an improved management approach to environmental impact, reductions in energy consumption and the generation of waste. This enables them to gain accreditation to ISO 14001, the international standard of environmental management and often, to tender to larger organisations.

We provide national coverage and have clients whose premises are situated from Cornwall to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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